ONEWEB is a flexible, scalable and extendable business application platform. It helps organizations innovate business applications that streamline user experiences, system integrations and process automation of a wide range of business processes.

User Experience (UX)

ONEWEB has web designers and runtime tools that are responsible for creating, executing and managing user interaction and the presentation of business data. It supports building smart forms and dynamic pages:

  • ONEWEB Smart Form allows users to input business data that will be sent to ONEWEB runtime server for processing as a business transaction. For example, a call center user inputs customer complaint information form and submit to related departments. In this example, the customer complaint information form built by ONEWEB consists of web user interface elements including text boxes, text areas, drop-down lists, radios, date pickers, buttons, file select controls and etc. All web user interface elements can be configured to interact with database such as insert, update, delete and select without any programming language. It can also be configured to work with service integrations and tasks automation part of ONEWEB.

  • ONEWEB Dynamic Page allows developers to build responsive HTML5 web pages and mobile app pages using online drag and drop page designer. It supports custom CSS add-ons and Java Scripts. For making dynamic contents, these pages can be interfaced to external systems using REST API and ONEWEB Microflow. The output of ONEWEB Dynamic Page Feature can be

    • Publish these pages to ONEWEB Dynamic Page Runtime
    • Export these pages as a zip file
    • Export these pages as a WAR file
    • Export these pages as an android '.apk' file

System Integration

ONEWEB has designers and runtime tools which can act as a system integration platform to integrate different applications by using standard communication methods such as Web Services, RESTful, JDBC, File etc. It also supports Data Transformation between different formats. For example, HR System wants to send employee data to CRM system through ONEWEB Microflow.

Process Automation

ONEWEB has ONEWEB Process Designer and ONEWEB Process Server which support implementation of end to end business process automation starting from design, implement, execute and monitor. The activities in the business processes are steps which make process move forward until the end of process. Here is a sample scenario of activities in the Order Management Process that is supported by ONEWEB

  • Activity 1: A customer submits an order via Order Website
  • Activity 2: The order routes to Fulfillment Department to fulfill the order
  • Activity 3: Sending the order information to ERP system for generating an invoice
  • Activity 4: The invoice is send to the customer via mail

From the above Order Management Process, Activity 1 and Activity 2 are Human Activity. ONEWEB Dynamic Page can be used for building Order Website for customers to submit orders on Activity 1. The order fulfillment screen on Activity 2 is built from ONEWEB Smart Form. Activity 3 and Activity 4 are System Activity which can be executed using Process activities like Java, Database Calling, Web Service, REST API or File Integration.