To decide whether to begin with Smart Form or Page on ONEWEB platform certainly depends on User requirement specifications. The key points that user must keep in mind before choosing Smart Form or Page for their application design requirements are:

User must choose Smart Form, when

  • Input parameters entered by user are required to be saved in some Database.
  • Complex navigation is required like General Tab and 2-Tab Layer structure.
  • Input data is required to submit or initiate any process flow.
  • Need validations or business conditions to be applied on the data input by user.
  • Forms that require integration with business process management systems.

User must choose Page, when

  • Need to display static and dynamic contents on a web page (without writing any HTML).
  • Page navigation is required.
  • Static or Dynamic website building.
  • Building community forums/ E-mail marketing.
  • Actions, text or images on pages that require integration with Microflow or third party websites.