A Smart Form is an electronic application form used by customers, partners and staff to apply for products and services. It is essential to any digital business that involves collecting and transforming information. It comes with capabilities beyond the traditional paper forms, such as electronic completion, dynamic sections, database calls and electronic submission. The advantages of using Smart Forms are.

  • Eliminate paper and PDF forms.
  • Support offline and mobile data capture.
  • Enable users to start or continue a business process from anywhere.
  • Make processes more efficient and user-friendly.

In ONEWEB platform, App Designer is used to create and build smart forms. Some of the key capabilities of ONEWEB smart forms include:

  1. Choose from a variety of Field options: Forms are built with little block called fields. Fields allow the user to enter a specific type of data, ranging from name, date, check box, radio buttons to file uploads.
  2. Smart Forms with Rules: Dynamically show or hide fields depending on the information entered by user. With this feature, you show only the relevant fields to user.
  3. Perform Calculations: Perform complex calculations to determine values in required fields.    
  4. Multi-page forms: Split long forms into multiple pages to improve user experience.
  5. Display dynamic content: Dynamically display content as it is required.
  6. Data Validation: Perform sophisticated validation on input user data.
  7. Data Connectivity: Lookup data from remote systems.
  8. Data Submission: Securely submit data to your organization database.
  9. Built-in Database Persistence : Using field configuration set up, users can easily restrict and control which data to show up only on GUI, and do not require database intervention, or vice versa.
  10. Customizations Support: Can easily be customized using Java, JSP and JavaScript.
  11. Generate instant Previews: Generate instant previews of smart forms as the user builds and optimizes iteratively.
  12. Process Integration: Can easily be integrated with back end business processes designed on Process Designer by configuring Process buttons on Entities.