Let us see how to create a simple Hello World page using Page Designer.

  • First expand open Page Designer from under the DEV ZONE on the left menu bar.  

  • Click on Create New Page button

  • Enter Page Name and Page Title and click on Next.

  • Select any template from a list of given templates that fits your design requirements and click Create Page

  • Now the system opens the page setup screen where you can add the content to your page. For creating content simply drag and drop the desired object from components panel and place it on the page.

  • Now to create our Hello World page, click icon to browse through images and drag the image from the images panel on left side and drop on the top of the Container.

  • Click at the Template Heading and select   in the menu bar on top of heading for edit


 Description :

Drag Handle: Use this to drag the Text to a different row.

Select Container: Use this to select the Div., Col., Row or full container.

Link: Use this to create a hyper-link. Click on hyper-link text would redirect user to mentioned URL.

Edit:  Use this to write, edit or change content font or style of this text box.

Delete: Remove the text block from your web page.

  • Type "Hello World" instead of Template Heading