ONEWEB supports adding a custom manual SQL to an entity in two ways.

  • Inside Module configuration
  • Java Manual Class

Module Configuration

Inside Module Configuration, ONEWEB provides three options for inserting manual SQL command to retrieve data in a module. When you open the Module Configuration panel on any module, you can see the three below options. You can choose the one that matches your requirement.

  • SQL ShowList - This SQL command is used to query the data to be shown as list in a 1-Many module. (Insert/Update Mode)
  • SQL Select Row - This command is used to query data to be shown in a 1 -1 Module. (Insert/Update Mode)
  • SQL Work queue - This SQL Query is used in Search Mode to show data in the Search Results.

Java Manual Class

ONEWEB supports adding Java classes to be invoked on submit using Java Class Actions or by invoking Java Manual class through JavaScript functions. You can add you custom SQL commands to these Java classes just as you do in an ordinary java application.