Page can be integrated with Microflow to create dynamic web pages using ONEWEB. This section shows you how a Service is integrated with Page, and a page is used to call the service.

Page Integration with Microflow

  1. Go to the Page Designer
  2. Open your Page
  3. Click on the area in your page to map to integrate data from microflow (1)

  1. Click to open data flow configuration panel (2)
    • Select "load" in Event
    • Select "Microflow" in Type
    • Select "Your Project Name" in Project
    • Select "Your Service Name" in Process

  1. Click to open Mapping Window (3)

  1. Mapping to the Microflow Parameter.

  1. After mapping parameters to Microflow, select object from page to show the data coming from service (1)
  2. Click to open Data Mapping Panel (2)
  3. Click to open Output mapping Window (3)

  1. Select field name and click Connect

  1. Click for save page.

Now the page is successfully integrated with the Microflow and can show the retrieved data on the screen.