AppDesigner provides an UI for displaying the server-side logs of events. User actions such as saving entity, fetching the available tables, views, sequences trigger server side events. Logging provides real-time logging data.

Logging Interface, also known as Console, sits on the bottom of the entity page. It looks like

Fig: AppDesigner Console

Console Characteristics

  • Green icon means console is connected and user is entitled to engage with the real-time data.
  • Data is synced with the current logged in user
  • If data is changing too fast then logging can be paused and can be downloaded

User Events

  • Component Properties Box
  • Save Entity
  • Listing of
    • Database tables
    • Database sequences
    • Database views
  • Actions

Logging Levels

AppDesigner provides logging for the following levels -

  • INFO

How to Debug

Extracting data can be tricky, but it can give insight into the usability of the AppDesigner. As user triggers some UI actions (listed above), there is corresponding server-side events. User can monitor those events for success or error. If user finds that events are displaying too fast, then user can pause or download the log file and analyze locally.