Sometimes the developed process may be deployed to other environments. User can view the target environment and edit it for deploying to other environment by editing the property directly in database as follows.

1. Open DB Visualizer application or any other database access tool.

2. Create connection to access database of the Process Designer.

3. Choose pd schema and open ms_project_config table.

In this table user can change properties related to the deployment environment.  

The properties that need to be edited are as follows.

DEPLOYMENT_DB_DRIVER - the driver for target database.

DEPLOYMENT_JDBC_URL - the URL of target database.

DEPLOYMENT_JDBC_USERNAME - username to authenticate to target database.

DEPLOYMENT_JDBC_PASSWORD - password to authenticate to target database.

DEPLOYMENT_JNDI - JNDI for database connection. When DEPLOYMENT_JNDI is set, it will be used and other values are disregarded.

After environment of deployment is changed, user can deploy the process to that environment.