Once a process is deployed it can be integrated with other systems like the App Designer or Page Designer. User can test that process by using any REST client like the Postman.

How to use?  

When you open Postman Application, you must configure the value for testing.

1. Set request method type as POST.

2. Set URL: http://{IP}:{Port}/BPMREST/service/runtime/process/{Process name}/start for starting flow.

3. Click setting Body.

4. Choose data as raw.

5. Choose data type as JSON (application/json).

6. Enter JSON data for input parameter of the process.

Now click Send button and view response text in response panel of the Postman.

On response panel, user will receive Instance ID on data property of JSON text. When instance id is sent, it means the flow has started.

User can use Instance ID to get task id by calling the task service. Set request method type is GET, set BODY is empty and use url as follow.

http://{IP}:{Port}/BPMREST/service/runtime/instance/{Instance ID}/tasks

When user want to claim task or complete task, user can bring Task ID and user name for working to set in url as follows.

http://{IP}:{Port}/BPMREST/service/runtime/tasks/{Task ID}/claim?user={Username}

http://{IP}:{Port}/BPMREST/service/runtime/tasks/{Task ID}/complete?user={Username}