Business Process is the group of business activities that is used to accomplish a specific organizational process. There are several types of business processes depending on different organizations and industries. However there are three main types of business processes which are categorized by August-Wilhelm Scheer and Mark von Rosing as following:

  • Management Process: Management process is used to monitor measure or control the business procedure.
  • Operational Process: Operational Process is considered to be the most important process as it is used to support the backend of core business process such as credit card or loan decision approval process.
  • Supporting Process: Supporting process is used to support core functional process such as call center process or customer service process.

ONEWEB PD has been designed keeping in mind the BPM methods, so that the technical and business users can easily manage the business processes together in organizations. For example, business users are responsible for the tasks that are related to discovering and analyzing business processes. These business processes are then send to technical users to implement, measure, improve and optimize via Process Designer.