Process Template Diagram is the one of most important screens in PD. It is used to implement the business process based on simple drag and drop GUI. It uses defined BPM symbols to depict the business activities. This can help interpretation and collaboration between business and technical users. The Process Template Diagram is divided into 3 panels as shown in picture below.

The details of each panel are described below.

  • Node task panel

This panel contains the process activity or node task notations. Each node task is suitable for a particular business objective. For example, Human node is suitable for task that is related to work party Assignments. The details of the each node task in Node task Panel are described in Activity Nodes section.

  • Diagram panel  

This panel is used to draw the business process by dragging the notation from a node task panel and drop into diagram panel. Furthermore, on the diagram panel the user can also use the right click mouse button on any specific node to open node configuration, add boundary events or delete node as required.

  • The Action panel

This panel contains the command icons. Each icon has one command associated with it as given below.


Notation name



To undo the last action.


To restore the previous action.


To delete the selected object.


To cut the selected object.


To copy the selected object.


To paste the object that is cut or copied.

Zoom In

To increase the diagram size.

Zoom Out

To decrease the diagram size.