Use the Java Task to call custom java functions.


The Java Task is used to call and execute Java code defined by user. The Java node task is needed when user wants to use Java code inside their business process. To accomplish this user can create the Java method, export corresponding Java class to a Jar file and then upload this Jar file to the Java Node Task for executing Java method during the business process. You can upload any jar file and call a function from that jar file using the Java Task.


Java Node Configuration panel has 3 tabs to define properties.

  1. General

General Tab contains general information such as title, task id etc.

  1. Business Object

Used to configure and map the Business Object for input and output for the node.

  1. Java Parameter





Jar Name


The jar file path. The value can be set by clicking on the Choose Jar button and choosing the jar file using the folder browser.

Class Name


The fully qualified class name. The system will display all the available classes from jar on clicking the "Get Class Name" button. User can then choose the value from the list.

Method Name


The method to be called from the class. System will display all the eligible methods from the chosen class. User can select the method from the list

In Java Parameter tab, "Choose Jar" button is used to upload Jar file and "Get Class Name" button is used to get class name from Jar file.