Process Instance is a specific instance of process that is currently executed by a process runtime. Whenever the process is initiated, a corresponding process instance has to be created and started. The process instance contains the Business Object (BO) parameters needed for the activity tasks in the process to achieve the goal of the task. When the process instance is started successfully, the Task Instance of the process instance is created automatically for the first activity task encountered by the process instance.

Task Instance is a specific instance of the activity task which is represented by a node task in the Process Designer. A Process Instances can consist of several Task instances. Each task instance has a UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) that is generated by the process runtime. While the task instance is getting executed on the process instance, this task instance will contain the state of the node task at that given point in time. The potential states are:

Waiting: A task instance is waiting for the process runtime to assign the task to a user.

Assigned: A task instance is already assigned to the specific user.

Claim: A task instance is currently worked on by the specific user.

For more details on starting and debugging the process instance, please refer to section Process Test & Debug Guideline