Creating a new Process using Process Designer (PD) consists of three main components:

Process Template Diagram: This component is used to draw and implement the business process. Process Template Diagram also contains the different types of process activities that are used to represent the business tasks. The details of this component are described in Process Template Diagram section.

Business Object: The data or variables that are used by the activities in business processes are encapsulated in the Business Object (BO). Every process that a user wants to design using PD, needs to define the input and output business object parameters in order to determine what data will be used to start the process and what data is send out from the process when it finish. More details on Business Object are described in Business Object section.

Work party: Work party is a group of users or roles. The work party is often used in human task assignment. Each work party can comprise of both users and roles. More details on Work party are described in Work Party section.