What is Process Monitor?

The Process Monitor is the tool to keep track of the deployed processes. Users can view how many active process instances exist currently for each deployed process. It can show the status of the process instances at each activity in the process. For a Human task the status will show how many instances are assigned to users, how many instances are waiting to be assigned to a user and how many instances are claimed by users?

How to use?

The View All Process Monitoring page will show one box each for each deployed process. Each box has process name and project name. User can click the box to open monitor screen for that process.

In the monitor screen, system will show the flow of process and an icon on the activity to show / hide the status box of the activity.

In status box has ASSIGNED, WAITING and CLAIM for showing.

  • ASSIGNED shows how many instances of that process are assigned to users at that activity.
  • WAITING shows how many instances are waiting to be assigned to user at that activity.
  • CLAIM shows how many instances are claimed by users at that activity.

The status is shown only for Human Task and Sub Process Task if the Sub Process Task has a Human Task.

You can double click on the activity to show details of all the instances currently active at that activity. Details will show task id, node name, create date and the user who has claimed it. You can click task id to take you to the Task Monitoring.

Note: When a process has a Sub Process Task and the user double click on Sub Process Task, system will show the process monitor screen for the sub process.