What is Task Monitoring?

The Task Monitoring is used to keep track of the progress of process instances from start to finish. It shows the path taken by the process instance, the status and time taken by the instance at each of the activities. When a process instance is created, users can keep track of that instance on where the instance has reached, who is it assigned to and the total time taken in that task using the task monitor.

How to use?

Monitor has Search Task Monitoring page for searching a particular process instance. Users can search the instance by using the date on which the process instance is created or the activity on which the instance is currently waiting or the user to whom the instance is assigned to or the role to whom the instance is assigned to.




Create Start Date


Create date of process instance.

End Date


End date of instance.

Process Name


The name of the Process used by the instance.

Activity Name


Current activity/ task name of instance.

User Name


Name of user to whom the instance is assigned to.

Role Name


Name of role to which the instance is assigned to.

When user clicks Search, the results will be displayed according to the search criteria. In the results panel user can click on a specific Task ID to open the details panel for that process instance.

In the detail panel, system will highlight in blue the flow of the process instance. The activities that are completed are marked with a check mark and the currently active activity is shown by the task highlight. There is an icon at the top of the activity to show / hide the status of that activity.

When the icon is clicked by user, system will show the status box of activity. The status box has HOURS, MINUTES and SECONDS of the time for which the process instance has been waiting at that particular activity.

  • HOURS is the hours since the process instance has reached this task.
  • MINUTES is the minutes for which it has been waiting.
  • SECONDS is seconds.

This status is shown only for Human Task and Sub Process Task if Sub Process Task has Human Task.

When process has Sub Process Task, and user double click on the Sub Process Task, system will open the task monitor for the sub process.