Microflow is one of the tools of ONEWEB that has been developed for the purpose of helping and serving as a medium for facilitating interconnection with other systems; whether it is an internal connection between the ONEWEB components or an external connection.

Integrate with SOAP web services and REST APIs

Microflow Designer provides a Web Service Task for consuming SOAP and REST services. Developer just needs to configure the specifications of the service and ONEWEB will generate the methods and data structures to call the Service.

Integrate with existing databases

ONEWEB supports integrating with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 etc. Microflow Designer provides a Database Task to integrate with a database. They provide two types of integration - using jndi or using jdbc.

Integrating with Excel, CSV, XML or Fixed width files

Microflow supports reading Microsoft Excel, Delimited files, XML files or Fixed Width files. The File Read Task can be used for creating data models and populating it with data from files. ONEWEB can read file from Files System, but also supports reading through FTP, SFTP and FTPS.