App Designer is a tool for creating smart forms. It is tightly integrated with the database so that we can create a form corresponding to any table in the database by simply dragging a module and mapping the module to the table or view in database. Once the module is configured user can simple drag and drop field to the module and map to corresponding column in the table. It has built in persistence so that user does not have to worry about writing any code to map data from the form to columns in database while saving.  

App Designer also provides ways of integrating with business processes through Process button. User only needs to drag the process button and choose the process to be invoked and the actual integration is taken care by ONEWEB. User can also map the parameters to be passed wile invoking the process by simply mapping the fields in App Designer to the parameters of the process. For more details on Smart form Integration with process and Microflow please refer to the Smart Form Integration with process section.