Microflow has many nodes that has been developed to support integration such as

Database Node

Microflow can communicate with the database, which may be useful if you want to retrieve some values from the database. It can also be used to insert, update or delete data to the database. This integration can be done through the database node, which supports two types of connection - JNDI and JDBC. It also supports four types of commands -

  1. Select- to retrieve desired data from the database.
  2. Insert - to insert the desired data into the database.
  3. Update - to update values in the database.
  4. Delete - to delete data from the database.

You can define the field and table via SQL Command.

Sub Process Node

In a large process, one process can have a subroutine or another process within. Of course, there must be complex work, and in some cases there may be duplicate functions. Instead of drawing the same flow at several points, user can collapse the flow into a simpler flow by using the Sub process node.

Web Service Node

Web Services is a software system that has been designed to support the exchange of information. Microflow Designer provides a Web Service Node for consuming SOAP and REST services. Developer just needs to configure the specifications of the service and ONEWEB will generate the methods and data structures to call the Service.