Step-by-step to get entity data by REST API can describes six constraints.

  1. First Step, configure entity to get data by REST API. For this example we will prepare entity named Work Order. This Entity includes 3 Tabs and 4 Modules. See picture below.

  1. Second Step, Get Key Data to send parameter into URL. Image below is the Update Screen of Work Order. For this example, key is sale_order_no and value is 0000000010.

  1. Third Step, Login process uses Post Method. Run URL http://localhost:9084/eaf-rest/login with parameter Content-Type: application/json and Body contains 3 values in JSON format.
    1. "username" : "administrator",
    2. "password" : "P@55w0rd",
    3. "clientId"   :  "123456789"

After run login URL, the system will return id_token for use in other process. See picture below.

  1. Forth Step, Call URL to get data from Entity. The Format is ServerName, Port, Context Root and Parameter Value.

Format: ServerName:Port/Context Root/Parameter Value

Example:  http://localhost:9084/eaf-rest/entity/EN_431959963131500/get?handleForm=Y&SALE_ORDER_NO=0000000010&cbMethod=callback

  1. Fifth Step, Set the following 3 Header parameters as shown below.
    1. Content-Type: application/json
    2. Authorization: Start value Bearer then space and token id received from login process.
    3. clientId: use clientId same as in login process.

  1. Sixth Step, Run Step 3 and Step 4 to get result JSON DATA as in picture below


JSON Data contains following fields.

- ENTITY_ID value of entityID

- MODULE_ID value of moduleID

- UPDATE is process mode

- SALE_ORDER_ITEM is table name

- PRODUCT_ID, PRODUCT_NAME etc. is field name

- KEY is the key of module/record

In this Data will see ModuleID 4 value which is same with configuration of this entity.