From section Step-by-step to get data from entity. Now assume other Application need find customer contact from Order No. you can do by REST API to get Data.

  • First Step- In the Login Screen enter the userName value and call Login REST.

  • Second Step- Use Ajax to call Rest Service to keep id_token into session for use by other processes.

  • Third Step, Prepare Screen for Inputing Order No.

  • Forth Step, Input value Order No, then click Find Customer contact.

  • Fifth Step, use JavaScript function to call Ajax REST API to get Data Customer contact by pass parameter Order No. In headers set Content-Type, Authorization (use id_token from session) and clientId from login process.


  • Sixth Step, call REST API and get JSON DATA. The highlight module has CUST_CONTACT which need result. It can get Data from JSONObject through MODULE_ID > UPDATE > SALE_ORDER_DELIVERY > CUST_CONTACT.

  • Last Step, Use JQuery or JavaScript to Display Result Data.