Integrations to external systems and databases can be time-consuming and implementations are prone to errors. There are multiple integration tools available in market. But the advantages of using ONEWEB are:

  • Visual Configuration - ONEWEB provides visual UI tools to configure. Thus anyone can manage the configuration of integration without writing any code, significantly reducing time and effort and eliminating errors.
  • Shared Integration units - For e.g. you have to connect to a service for currency conversion, once you create an integration unit to this service, you can call it from any part of your application.
  • Quick Deployment - Once you make changes to a process and click on deploy, the system will deploy it to your runtime environment and you can start using it. Note: For Microflow, you need to export and manually deploy as of current version.
  • Built-in Monitor & Logging - ONEWEB provides built in monitoring and logging capabilities.