To Manage Permission and Object follow the below steps.

Open IAM using admin user.

  1. Go to Permission menu under Admin menu.

  1. There are two sides to consider. Left side is Permission control and Right side is Object control. You can create a new permission and a new object via new button.

To create a new Permission

  1. Click New Permission button. Then New Permission popup will appear.

  1. Select system for the permission you want to create.

  1. Select the parent permission to place the new permission under an existing one or you can leave it blank to make the new permission as a top level permission.

  1. Give a permission name. Click Save Permission to create a new Permission.

  1. Go to Permission tree menu you will found the new Permission under the system you chose.

To create Object

  1. Click on New Object button. The New Object popup will appear.

  1. Select the system for the object you want to create.

  1. Give information about the new Object

Object Id - System will automatically generate object id

Object Ref Id - Object Ref Id is an id provided by the client system to reference this object.

Object Name - Name of this object.

Object Type - Type of this object.

Object Property - Object Property allow you to customize any specific value of this object and it will be returned to client system when they get the permission.

Access Type - Access Type of this object.

Then click Save Object to create a new Object.

  1. Go to Object tree menu you will found the new Object under the system you chose.