Tabs inside Entities provide user with an ability to present a lot of data or gather several inputs from a user without designing a large and complex form. Tab Navigation helps to separate content into sections and access using a flat navigation structure. As a result, each tab can be viewed separate from each other, and not in context of each other. This design is also very helpful when the content for each tab has different structure. Tabs can easily be dragged and dropped inside your entity and you may add as many tabs as needed. Tabs are created based on your DB relationship structure. App Designer also provides tab condition feature to conditionally Enable/Disable or Show/Hide the tabs inside your smart Form.

Tab condition can be set based on the values of a designated field. User can set Tab condition as 'Y' to enable this feature and can control the tabs on their smart forms based on data in the fields.

For example: Let's say one department has 3 service types - 'Hardware', 'Software', and 'Hardware & Software'. Also assume that your smart form has 2 tabs - 'Hardware' and 'Software'. Now if you have a smart form requirement to control the tabs based on the value of service type selected -

Case 1: If service type is 'Hardware & Software' - all tabs i.e 'Hardware' and 'Software' should be available to user.

Case 2: If service type is 'Hardware', User should only see tab 'Hardware'.

Case 3: If service type is 'Software', User should only see tab 'Software'.

Tab Condition Set-up Configuration:

As per above example, Service Type is one of the fields on your Smart Form which contains 3 values - so it can be configured on AppDesigner using 'Dynamic List Box'. The settings required in Dynamic List Box Configuration to enable Tab Condition to achieve all the above 3 cases is described as follows:    

Output screen /Facade Screen based on the above set-up are depicted below.

(Note: Three Cases are displayed on basis of Case 1, 2 and 3 mentioned above)  

Currently App designer supports two types of tab configurations - 2 Layer Tab and Normal Tab.