Fields are the different types of input fields that are used inside module layout to enter user inputs. User can drag and drop a list of required fields inside a module to create a desired form. The different types of fields supported by ONEWEB are as follows:

Field Type


Text box

To enter text and numbers.


To show static labels on the screen. It comes with rich text options.


To store hidden fields on screen. Mostly used to manipulate the module keys.

Text Area

To enter text of more than 100 characters.

Radio button

To allow selection of a specific choice from multiple choices.


To allow selection of one or more data from multiple choices.


To display a list of static data as a dropdown. The values to be shown are set in the field itself.

Dynamic List

To display a list of values dynamically as a dropdown. The data is shown from a table in the database and can be controlled to show values depending on another field in the module.


To display a list of data from a table in database as a popup window. It also has a text box for searching data based on the key


To enter date fields

Suggestion box

This field can suggest data to user in a dropdown based on the data keyed in. Moreover, users can use keyword search in this field

No Object

Special field used to display a custom value on the screen that is not part of the data in the table of the module.

Multi Select

To provide multiple select option.


To attach and upload files.

Note: Fields can only be dragged and dropped inside your Entity Modules. So, It's important to note that user must first drag the module inside entity and specify the rows and columns, and then only can begin to add fields into entity.