App Designer provides Master Import/Export utitlity to either import or export your master database setup from one environment to another environment. User can access Master Import/Export Utility via simply routing to DEV ZONE -> App Designer-> -> Master Import/Export. Master database setup tables include all necessary initial set up details like schema information and other internal techincal configuration which user can select and export from one environment and import it to another environment as needed.The list of tables involves in Master database setup are:

  • m_metab_constant
  • m_metab_system
  • m_metab_button_process_action
  • m_metab_button_master
  • m_locales
  • m_process_menu

Master Configuration window under Export tab with all master data setup tables are shown below. All below mentioned tables can easily be exported as JSON files.

User can also Import master data setup from JSON files by simply browsing it or dragging and dropping it to the highlighted area. Master Configuration Import window with browse option are shown below: