Use the Sub Process task to call another process. It is represented as rectangular shape box as shown below:


The Sub Process task is used to call other processes from within the main process. If there is a section of the main process that can stand alone, it is good practice to implement it as a separate process. Now you can call this process from the main process using the Sub Process task. This improves clarity and reusability.

Sub Process Node Configuration Properties

Sub Process Node Configuration panel has 3 tabs to define properties.

  1. General

General Tab contains general information such as title, task id etc.

2. BusinessObject

Used to configure and map the Business Object for input and output for the node.

3. Subprocess

All Settings in Subprocess Tab are shown below:





Process Name


Name of process that you want to use as a sub process in your main process.

In Subprocess tab, "Open Subprocess" button is used to open or edit the sub process . "Open Mapping Parameter" button is used to set mapping parameter to the sub process. When click on Open Mapping Parameter button, the system will redirect user to Mapping Parameter screen and then user can click Mapping Parameter Input line or Mapping Parameter Output line to map parameters for this SubProcess task.

Note: User must click "Save Panel" to save all configuration changes.