Use Error Events to handle exceptions or errors in a process by doing some action. It is represented as an Icon shown below:


Error Events are used to handle the occurrence of errors during the execution of a certain task in the process flow. For example, let's say if a Java Task is executed with errors, user can use Error Event to send an error message.

Error Event can also be used as a boundary event to trigger another event. Error event can execute another node task when an exception occurs in the process. It can be attached to any Activity node task where user would like to be notified of exceptions occuring there.

Error Event Configuration Properties:

Error Configuration panel has one tab to define property.

  1. Error

Setting inside Error Tab is described as below:







The type of exception to be handled.

In Error tab, "Add Exception Row" button to add more exceptions, "Delete" button to remove an exisiting exception. "Open Mapping Parameter" button is used to map parameters of exception node task. When click Open Mapping Parameter button, the system will redirect user to Mapping Parameter screen and the user can click Mapping Parameter Input line or Mapping Parameter Output line to set mapping parameter for this Error eventTask.

Note: User must click "Save Panel" to save all configuration changes.