Process Designer provides Process Validation feature to validate each node of your process. It verifies and ensures that each node is completely configured in the Business Process diagram and no settings or details has been missed out in any of the node task configurations. Validation is also needed once the user completes their process diagram and is required to Deploy this process to the target environment.

It is to be noted that the designed business process can only be deployed once it gets validated successfully.

How to Validate?

"Only validate" option on the top right corner of Process template Diagram screen is designed to validate your process. User can choose this option to validate business Process to check for errors and mistakes inside Process Diagram.

Once business process is validated successfully, a popup message will appear on screen as shown below:

Note: It's always a best practice to validate your process before Deployment.

For more details on Process Validation please refer 6.4.8 Process Validation.