Process Designer (PD) allows an existing process to be exported from one project and imported to other projects in order to replicate or reuse the process. The process can even be imported to a completely different environment as well.

Note: In that scenario please remember to copy any attached artifacts like jar files (for Java nodes), or wsdl files (Web Service nodes) to the new environment manually as the imported json do not contain these artifacts.


To export any process there is the "Export" button on the diagram as shown in the below figure. When you click this button the "Export process" dialog is shown and the name of exported file has to be filled in the "File name" input field. The exported file is then shown to download and save into the user machine. This file contains the entire process flow, work party and parameters details that are kept inside in JSON format.


To import a process that is exported from another project, there is the "Import" button on the project information screen as shown in the below figure. When user clicks on Import button, the import process dialog will be shown. The user has to select the process file by clicking on "Choose File" button and then click on "Import" button, the process will be imported to the project. Once the process is imported completely, the process will be shown in the process menu.