Quick tip: This section will show you how to change one block of text. To change the styles of text across your web page please see Font Sets and Font Styles.

  1. Simply click the text you would like to format.

  1. Select the text you want to re-format and choose how you would like to re-format your text.

     Formatting Tools:  To adjust the font, shade and size of your text.

Styling Tool: Adjust the style of your text from 3 available options - Italic, Underline and Strike through style. You could also select text to display in upper case, start case and lower case letters.

    Justify Text: Choose how to align your text (right, left or center) within the text box. User can set either text Indent and column count style to adjust text inside text box.

Text Indent is set to 60% for chosen text box.

Text Column is set to 4 for chosen text box.

Text Alignment is set as 'Justify' for chosen text box.

Text Color: Adjust the color of your text.

Example: Text Color is set as red for chosen text box.

Text box measurement: Adjust text box width, height, border radius and border width of your text box.

Note: Similarly, you can format block quote, paragraphs and headings.