Learn about step to link parent entity (Order Request Entity for Admin) with child entity (Order Request Item)


  1. From ONEWEB App Designer screen, click Utilities > Parent Child Entity and then click icon plus on the popup dialog. Parent Child Entity Configuration opens.

  1. Select Parent Entity to "Doc Order Request - Admin"

  1. Select Child Entity to "Doc Order Request Item - Admin"

  1. Select Parent Tab to "Order Item"

  1. Select Child Tab to "Supplier List"

  1. Select Parent Module to "Order Request Item"

  1. Put "REQUEST_ID" to Parent's Fields.

  1. Put "REQUEST_ID" to Interface Parameters.

  1. Put "REQUEST_ID" to Child's Fields.

  1. Put "ADD" to Display Value.

  1. Click Save. The new record that PARENT ENTITY start with "Doc Order Request - Admin show and the system will automatic add module button name "ADD" to the parent entity (Doc Order Request Item - Admin).

  1. Go back to edit entity Doc Order Request Item - Admin.
    • Edit module button "ADD" by click icon pencil.
    • Change Page Action to -- Please select -- for hide button from this entity.
    • Click OK and save entity